Beauty Photography

A face model’s life can be very glamorous, however, the career requires hard work and patience. Since face models are prone to wearing makeup for hours on end, and taking photographs under bright lights, it is best for a face model to have normal skin. Knowing proper skincare routines is vitally important for every face model in restoring the models PH balance and will make sure the model is ready for every shoot. Proportion is synonymous with beauty, and a models face must be symmetrical. This first step in becoming a face model is contacting a modeling agency that specializes in this area. A simple phone call to a modeling agency is all that it takes to determine what they require. As with any other company, taking the time to verify the modeling agencies standing in the industry can be a starting point for a wonderful career.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

                                                                ∼ Ed Marciante ∼